‘Beauty’ #1 Asks What Would the World Do if STDs Were Pretty


Beauty01_CoverA‘Beauty’ is a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but also the latest craze. About 50% of the population has the disease, and the other 50% hate them for it. The disease grows back balding hair, thins out the overweight and clears skin. It also causes a low grade fever that never seems to go away. A special task force has been set up to investigate any issues that come along with Beauty, including the internally combusted body of a woman living with the disease. The taskforce, however, is not prepared for where the disease will strike next.

Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley is wickedly intriguing. What would happen if STDs made the infected better looking? Would our society intentionally infect themselves with an STD? Jeremy Haun’s art helps pace the story, even showing us how quickly the infection takes over and causes the change in physical form. Beauty would be one heck of a miniseries premise.

I greatly enjoyed Beauty and look forward to future issues.

Beauty is available Wednesday from Image Comics.


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