The Day-O Has Come: Ryder Confirms “Beetlejuice” Sequel In The Works


BeetlejuiceThe Beetlejuice sequel is going down. Michael Keaton, Tim Burton and now Winona Ryder have confirmed it, and we all know what happens when you say Beetlejuice three times.

A sequel that has been in the works pretty much since the recently deceased took our heart and souls, Beetlejuice 2 finally seems to have steam behind it to make it happen. This might be just the thing to bring Burton back to his tragically comedic roots, when CGI and big budgets were not as readily available as it is now. Burton’s track record has become a tad shaky in the recent past. At the same time his reputation as an artist has skyrocketed thanks to movies like Big Fish, now a Broadway musical, and Big Eyes which has received critical acclaim.

Returning to one of Burton’s first and groundbreaking films might just be what is needed to bring our creepmaster du jour back to the graveyard. And with the cast jumping on board faster than you can read stereo instructions, it is clear that audiences aren’t the only ones who have missed the ghost with the most.

What are your thoughts? Happy to hear the bioexorcist with a penchant for striped suits is terrorizing the living again or should he just stay dead? Let us know your thoughts below!


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