Disney Attractionistas: New Dolls with Classic Flare


01_ParksBlog_Attractionistas_LogoWhen a friend sent me a drawn picture of six of the Disney Park Attractions made into dolls, I wondered,  “Is this legit?” Sometimes its hard in the internet to figure out what’s really happening versus a fan’s dream. However, after a little snooping, I have come to find that Disney Attractionistas is legit and oh so FABOLUOUS.

The last few years we have seen a rise in a new doll trend. Barbie was the “It” girl during my childhood. Now I see many young girls fighting it out for Monster High and Ever After High dolls. These dolls are similarly build, but what they really share is they have taken someone old school (something we have loved) and reshaped it into something hip with flare. Not only does this create new fans for something classic, but also gives it a different image. Loving Monster High and Ever After High, I was ecstatic to see Disney Attractionistas.

They have taken six of the most famous rides at the park and rebranded them for the younger population. I really hope 03_ParksBlog_Attractionistas_FourDollsthis takes off and there are more added. I am drooling over such dolls as Carrie (Carousel), Celeste (Space Mountain), and Gracey (Haunted Mansion). Maddie (Tea Cups), on the other hand looks a little weird. As one of my friends joked when discussing poor Maddie, “They didn’t know what direction to go!”

Besides the mess that is Maddie, we also get to see Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Nellie (Jungle Cruise). Nellie is probably the only one that we had to debate to figure out if she was from Indiana Jones or Jungle Cruise, while the others were so clearly spot on. I just have to say I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, OVER THE MOON AND BACK AGAIN LOVE THESE NAMES! I am a totally sucker for clever names and they all go so well with the attraction they are representing.

04_ParksBlog_Attractionistas_BoxI haven’t seen them in the park yet, but it looks like they might already be ready to pick up on your next trip. From pictures it looks like the Disney Attractionistas come in awesome boxes that give a little backstory of who they are.  What I do know, is that these dolls create a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to Disney Bounding and for that I can’t wait. I really hope to see what other dolls they have in the future, while praying we will not have to wait long to see Matterhorn?! (Just a fan dream at the moment, but oh what a sweet delicious dream it is.)




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