Loonacy: Chaotic Fun to Jump Start Game Night


Photo-May-12-11-15-10-PM-781x1024Loonacy is my new drug. That is all the really needs to be said. Loonacy is another game created by Looney Labs (creators of all things FLUXX), that is the perfect balance of chaos I need in a game night. It doesn’t matter if I’m just getting the party started and need a lively game to get energy going OR if I’m four games into the night and starting to feel the drop. Loonacy is a fast pace card game that will leave players begging for more. That is right, Loonacy will quickly dominate your life after one round.

Loonacy is  a game where you fight friends to create matches while trying to empty your hand first. The only problem is that in a blink of an eye you can go from holding your last card to shuffling through fifteen. That’s is one of the best parts of Loonacy, the tide of the game changes quickly.

LoonacyCardsThe break down is super simple. Each player starts off with a number of cards in their hands and a card in front of them, surrounding the draw deck. Each card has two pictures, but you only have to match one of them. It’s a quick game so stay organized and focused.

loonacy2_zpsc6b1f6c7The whole point of the game is to keep matching cards until you run out. However, you might be ready to put down a card when another player puts down 5! All of a sudden your card is no longer playable and you are left again holding it for another round. You start a new round as soon as no matches can be played. Everyone draws a card and waits to flip it over at the same time. Hopefully, your card will match the discard piles, leading you to a round of awesomeness as you pile down your cards quickly and carefully (bent cards are not our friends). Working your way to the last card and if luck is in your favor, you will slam it down and begin your victory dance.

Loonacy was defiantly the group’s favorite, beating out Exploding Kittens during our last game night. It also got itself automatically put on the list for every game night in the future. As much as I enjoy Fluxx, I really need to see more Loonacy! Checkout Looney Labs and all of their amazing games on their site.



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