40338_500x400“What time is it?” (FLUXX TIME!) “What time is it?” (FLUXX TIME!) “What time is it?” (ADVENTURE TIME!)

That is me changing and parading around my small studio as if I was leading a parade of cheering fans. We love Fluxx and really anything Looney Labs creates. So when Adventure Time Fluxx came out today, I couldn’t wait to get my copy. The rules are just like any of the other Fluxxs but this time we get to hang out with Jake the dog, Finn, and all their friends.

017737338753How can you say now when they describe it like this, “get Mathematical against Candy Zombies, visit the City of Thieves to steal from your friends, and maybe, if things work out just right, you might even get to Floop the Pig!” I WANT TO FLOOP THE PIG! ( I also am a fan of all things princess and tried my best to create a princess army of Keepers!)

Adventure Time Fluxx is now at local game stores, on their site, or Amazon! This game takes about 2-6 players and can last from anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Don’t miss out on this amazing edition.


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