Rat Queens #11 – Descent in Magical Calamity



Rat Queens has brought its readers a lot so far. Betty, Dee, Violet and Hannah have given readers a glimpse into the beyond with crazed demi-gods, adventure with the many Daves, war with Trolls and now they are descending into Hannah’s surreptitious past. However, before Dee, Betty and Violet can bond more with their eflin necromancer they have one little, itty-bitty, tiny problem to deal with…they’ve been kidnapped by foodie Goblins. Yes, I said FOODIE GOBLINS…I know, it’s very much out of the ordinary but as Betty puts it “All Candy must be eaten”. Indeed, it’s Betty’s candy that frees the girls from their rather abnormal situation. After some goblin slaying and a short hike through the mountains Violet has had enough. She wants to know WHY Hannah insists on locating her father at the Mage Univeristy.

Per Hannah’s usually prickly attitude, she resists with a remark that no one needed to follow her; that they weren’t “invited.” Betty quickly refutes that statement with a solemn oath of friendship and asserts that the group sticks together, no matter what. Reluctantly, Hannah explains that there is a rumor going around about her father. He may have been involved in a coup at the University to eject the council. Flash back to the first few panels in the comic where an elfin male speaks to a council of nine, pressing them to reinstate ancients texts and dark arts education. Suddenly the picture becomes clear: Hannah’s dad may be in some legitimate trouble – issue is, she doesn’t know that for sure.

After trekking further through sleet and snow the Rat Queens make their way to an Inn that Hannah frequented in her youth. Despite an impressive build up, the Inn turns out to be nothing more than an empty and dull bar. Things in the town of Dunlas are not as Hannah remembers and this worries her…but worry can be washed away with beer, right? The four chat about what their next steps are when a familiar face pops into the Inn. A man from our necromancing elf’s past: Polle. Polle explains to Hannah that the Inn was banned by the University until the political unrest in Dunlas subsides. As Hannah smokes with Polle, Dee takes a sleeping Betty up their rented room and tucks her in.

Cue creepy, assassin halfling! Betty is accosted by a halfling who calls her “Petunia” and states that she is the last of “Five Monkeys” to place on his mantle. Will Betty escape her attacker? What will become of Hannah’s father? Is Violet ever going to shave her beard? Don’t get me started on Dee’s armor…(seriously, it’s freaking awesome!!!!!). Issue 12 is sure to bring shenanigans in the only way Rat Queens can.

Rat Queens #11 is available in comic book stores now so be sure to stop by and pick up this latest story!


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