Review: Lantern City #4


LanternCity_004_A_MainSander Jorve is all luck in Lantern City #4 . Slowly but surely others have put into motion the means for him to act as a mole within the guard, find that his family have been taken by a more corrupt rebel leader, and find that his predecessor, the real Captain Orlin, Grey Towers had his transfer to the Gray Towers approved. These eventualities are out of the control of Sander and make him feel decidedly two dimensional. It also comes at a time when those with power around him are looking for means to infiltrate the towers. Too much is happening indirectly to Sander. His only decision, to kill an innocent man to avoid initial detection, is becoming a distant memory within the series.

Is Lantern City the story of a man in the wrong place at the wrong time? Are we going to be spoon fed his exposition as those in power around him make their moves around him? How can Sander be a hero when he lacks control? Our first real villain is quickly swept away by a new threat. These actions were made behind the scenes without any influence of our supposed hero.

Am I asking too much of a new series? Am I fighting against a larger narrative being told by Crafts and team? Where are the clues that open up the world of Lantern City to more than the oppressed and the oppressive? This is not something that was decided quickly – this is an established story, world and entity that is beyond just this one form. To keep me interested I need a bigger payoff from Sander – or someone else to take his place.

Lantern City #4 is out now. Pick up your copy today.


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