Fox’s ‘Millenium’ Continues in Graphic Novel Form


cover66736-mediumThe TV show Millennium focused on the possibility of a big catastrophe centered around the turn of the century. Frank Black, with a little help from the X-Files‘ Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, was able to prevent the incident, or so he thought. With a successful Season 10 X-Files comic series it was only a matter of time before Frank Black got a turn on the comic book page.

Several years after the end of the show Frank Black’s psychic gifts are showing him that evil is continuing to run rampant in the world around him. While Frank does his absolutely best to ignore it and go on with his life, his daughter, Jordan has other plans. The Millennium Group yet again finds Frank and he must do his best to prevent the destruction of humanity.

Though I casually watched X-Files with my father several years ago, I never delved too far deep. This is why I was surprised to see Fox Mulder in the Millennium comic. Somehow, I completely missed that Millennium was a spin off of the X-Files. It didn’t help that until this point I’d watched two episodes of Millennium, yet I was still able to follow easily.

Millennium is dark, even darker than the X-Files, and seems to have a creepy almost demonic feel to it. I found myself turning page after page (digitally in my case) barely taking a break when reading through this graphic novel. Frank Black is a tormented soul with his only weakness being his child, and it makes the comic strangely riveting. This is not a lighthearted Summer read, but it is a great graphic novel to read through on cold Autumn nights.

Millennium is available August 25, 2015 from IDW Publishing.


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