Five Villains Who Need Some Time in the Sun


While some villains hog the spotlight entirely too much, others get pushed off to the sidelines, forced to put their schemes on hold year after year. Here are a few villains who could use some more time in the limelight:


She’s Snaky, she’s’ smart, and she’ll turn you to stone!

Medusa She has snakes for hair. She turns anyone she looks at into stone—and she has sisters. How is she not stalking our streets and entering our nightmares?

Bugs There was a long stretch when giant bugs ruled the screen almost to the point of being overdone. They’ve taken a holiday, though, and perhaps it is time they revisited. Who wants giant locusts invading the neighborhood? How about telepathic cockroaches or malicious millipedes?


He’s cultured all right. He prefers his human medium-rare

Dragons The “dragons were just misunderstood” lobby has been very successful lately, but these are fire-breathing monsters. Big fire-breathing, people eating, landscape-burning monsters. Let’s get them out of the “cute” realm and back to causing trouble.

Count Fosco He loves small animals, is exquisitely polite, and enjoys desert. He’s careful, calculating, and only fails because he doesn’t kill Marian. Let’s hold on a minute: This guy plans for everything. He has backup plans for his backup plans. Do you really think he let a mob kill him?


How to murder for money, without having to deal with dangerous employers

How to murder for money, without having to deal with dangerous employers

Burke and Hare Back in the 1800’s, these two went from digging up freshly-interred corpses to sell to anatomy classes to murdering their lodgers and then selling the bodies. It was an elegant way of disposing of the evidence and getting a few extra coins If they had been smart enough to move a few times, they could have kept it up.

Or maybe the real killers were that smart, and Burke and Hare were set up. Did you ever think of that? What was your landlord’s name again?


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