‘Fairest’ Volume #5: The Clamor for Glamour


FAIRES_V5_55304dd1ab35f9.06539477Reynard the Fox has returned from fun adventures and brags to the entire anthropomorphic animal community that he has been able to wear a glamour spell and be a spy in the Mundane world. However, his bragging does not go unnoticed and soon all the animals of the community demand that they get a chance to have his human-exterior experience. After all, it was a campaign promise from Prince Charming. The greatest witches and wizard of the age, 5 in total, gather together to discuss what is to be done. They come up with 5 separate glamours and inform the animals that in order to make their uses fair, they will hold a raffle.

Meanwhile, Reynard decides to reach out to his crush, Snow, and takes on an attractive male form. Of course, Snow doesn’t exactly want to see him during her grieving process for her husband. Instead, she has one of her children fly Reynard away, and onto the house of a young girl named Meghan with her mind set on fairy tale endings. Of course, the girl keeps Reynard in a barn to hide this attractive man she’s found from her Uncle and cousin. When she gets caught having sex with Reynard, the foxman is locked in the basement and Meghan is locked in her room. With some strange ingenuity and misunderstandings, Reynard sets fire to the barn and the house. After escaping, Reynard and his lady go on the road, only to find Meghan is pregnant. This would be problematic either way, but Meghan is undergoing a gestation period of 52 days- normal for foxes- and finds herself getting bigger and bigger by the day. The two look for work and try to hide from Meghan’s relatives. Back on the farm, quite literally, the glamours are not going as hoped. Is a happy ending in the future?

The bizarre semi-bestiality story aside, I really enjoyed Fairest Volume 5. It is a great feat to individually draw an entire village of farm animals in all shapes and sizes. It is most certainly not easy to come up with story lines for all of them either.   When you mix in the concept of civil rights for fairy tale creatures and the challenges of one in the real world with real life challenges, you get a complete story that reads well from beginning to end.

Fairest Vol. 5: The Clamour for Glamour is available from Amazon now.


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