‘Layers of Fear’ Goes Down the Rabid Hole


layesr_of_fear-3087Art makes life worth living; it is the fruit of imagination, the soul of a creator. They are depictions of dreams and ideals, desires that can pull so strongly they become…obsessions. Literature has reveled in the madness of an artist, enraptured with the idea of their masterpiece. Darkness cripples their path, and erratic behavior end in vicious tragedy. A new spin on this concept will be released on August 27th, with a Polish indie horror video game called Layers of Fear. It is made by the Bloober Team and was inspired by paintings from art history. The game play will use artwork to illustrate the horrifying visions and secrets that have driven an artist to insanity. This premise offers the opportunity for interesting visuals, the story uncovered layer by layer with each camera sweep. It is sure to be an atmospheric treat for psychedelic horror game enthusiasts.


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