Birthright #10 is Nail-Biting Excitement


Birthright #10 CoverThis has got to be the most awesome epic fantasy in a comic book . Birthright has pretty dominated my radar. The chaos stemming from the blurred division between our world and Terranos has pretty much infected my imagination

Every fantasy lore reader is familiar with the adventures of the Chosen One, the one who holds the power to take down some evil being. These stories can send our hero to a different land where they battle their own insecurities to find the strength to fight on. They usually end with our hero returning home very much changed in spirit and strength.

Birthright takes that lore, hacks it into bloody pieces, mixes it with some meaty story parts, and creates a whole new creature of a story. Our hero, Mikey, was taken as a boy to Terranos, a parallel land magic, sorcery, creatures, and war.. During that time he made allies, found love, and strengthened himself as the Hero. Then he came back home to Earth and reunited with his family. For him, it has been decades. For his family, it’s only been a couple of years.

He didn’t come back alone either. Raging inside his soul is a piece of Lore. Lore, a being full of visceral horror has caused much death and devastation in Terranos and was the creature that Mikey was to defeat. Clearly, something went wrong.

The first few issues dealt with the families shock of finding their little boy grown into a hardened, bearded man. The father and his older brother Brennan were strung along to follow in Mikey’s quest to bring down mages that threatened our world.  As they journey along, they learn that Mikey is no longer the  little Mikey they remember.

It has now been ten issues later. So much has transpired, yet so many questions are left. The tenth issue is pretty good start of the unraveling of lies and tying some questions together. The crazy scary ,beautiful horror from before has been revealed to be a Divininer. Brennan knows his brother is carrying something strange. The fate of hisbrother and the world comes down to one decision. It becomes an intense nail biter of a situation.

By the time I got to end of the issue, uncertainty and suspicion has been thrown on pretty much everything at this point. Almost everyone is either harboring a secret motive or festering a lie. There was one doozy of a revelation dropped by the end that made me question what I had just read even more. Whatever hunch or possible common fantasy outcome was generated has been pretty much obliterated. There is nothing common in this story.

There are so many unanswered questions. So much of the story is waiting to be told. This is absolute torture that this story is broken up into issues. Yet it is so satisfying to finally read the issue. The comic is celebrating it’s one year release with its upcoming issue in November. I predict much chaos and excitement.

For now, the current issue, Birthright #10, is available at your local comic book retailer. The trade volume is also available.




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