NBC The Carmichael Show- Pilot Home Run!


7695415.3I’m writing this as I continue to chuckle from the amazing punchlines that filled the last 30 minutes of my life. NBCs new show, The Carmichael Show is nastily delicious. (Must watch Pilot to get it!) Every year I get very excited around this time as the big dogs in the TV world start to roll out new shows. Sitcoms, being one of my favorite categories, are usually a hit or miss. We all can’t have hits like Big Bang Theory, Friends, New Girl, and Happy Endings. Most sitcoms will not make it to the 7th episode, and few will make it past the 10th.

The Carmichael Show when I first started hearing about it left me on edge. I wasn’t sure if it was something I would enjoy. I wasn’t sure if I was the audience that they were going for, so I slipped it onto the Maybe watch list. BOY WAS I WRONG! The Carmichael Show has something for EVERYONE! It doesn’t matter what race, culture, political party, or gender you are there were punches and one liners being thrown in all directions. Now sometimes when that happens, you lose the plot of the show and it just becomes chaotic. However, The Carmichael Show was not like that. They were flawless, and the jokes fit perfectly into the scenes.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have an amazing cast of actors. Being a fan of ABC Family Greek, I knew how out of this world talented Amber Stevens West is. She is definitely someone I follow to keep up with her new projects because she never disappoints. In The Carmichael Show she plays the girlfriend to one of the brothers, Jerrod (played by Jerrod Carmichael). We meet the crazy this family holds as the couple decides to finally clue in the parents about their new living arrangements.

While I could sit and watch Jerrod Carmichael and Amber Stevens West just go back and forth all day, I am thrilled that Loretta Devine (Cynthia Carmichael) and David Alan Grier (Joe Carmichael) were cast as the parents. It was a healthy balance going between these strong comedy power hitters, leaving LilRel Howery (Bobby Carmichael) to bring it home with his subtle touches. I really hope we can see more of this Bobby character because just the whole “Sex Musk” thing had me in tears.

I could sit here and tell you my favorite jokes of the night, but then I would basically just be writing out the whole script. Seriously, they were just amazing. Comedian Jerrod Carmichael flowed effortlessly between political jokes touching on Democrats, Obama, voting, and Republicans. I was sold on the show within the first three minutes, but Loretta Devine had me clutching my side and gasping for breath.

Pilots are always a little shaky, but people understand and usually give a show a few more chances before making a final judgement. The Carmichael Show’s Pilot didn’t feel like a pilot at all. It felt as if we were starting the second season (usually when shows find their legs) and with that I was already so connected to the characters. So far The Carmichael Show didn’t just make it’s way to the top of my Must Watch List, but I’m naming this BEST NEW SITCOM for 2015-2016 Fall Line Up!




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