Injection #4: And Suddenly Answers


Injection04_CoverAIt’s as if writer Warren Ellis has realized what I was looking for from Injection. Last issue he teased out some of the work of Dr. Maria Kilbride and the team from Cultural Cross-Contamination Unit. How did it apply to their current situation? Like a shadow of their former selves, they were trying to piece together the damage they’ve done. Issue #4 has finally given me the piece of mind to love this series:

Every last projection we’ve worked on in the last six months says the same thing. We reach a peak of novelty and innovation and enter a long trough. Straight flat line. That’s the future.

Maria and her team are trying to right a wrong they did with the good intentions of fostering a new Renaissance. Our reality was turning into a flat line of advancement which would have likely been the end of humanity as well. But something… went wrong. What? we still don’t know.

Issue #4 has brought us to a critical moment for Maria – she’s about to see where the Injection is in it’s terms of ability and reach. She’s scared despite her ample experience and time put into righting the actions of the CCCU. Brigid Roth is also seeing a change in the Injection. Something previously unknown to the former members of the CCCU. Is the Injection growing, adapting and learning? Or is it only now playing it’s cards at a pivotal moment in time?

Each new piece of new information brings about so many questions. As as always the team behind Injection truly makes these character human. They’ve failed, and they’re just trying to live there lives as best they can with the weight of their actions on their shoulders. No one more so than Robin, who carries more than what the others seem be holding in terms of responsibility.

What will become of Maria as she searches for new answers? Only time will tell. You can pick up issue #4 from Image Comics here.


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