Review: Low #9


Low_09-1The imagination has stabilized somewhat from the last Rick Remender manipulation from Black Science #16. So let’s mess it all up again with his other comic series, Low.

Humanity has pretty occupied every metaphor of being low. Everyone is most stuck in the deep depths of the ocean due to a environmental catastrophe. The supply ensuring their survival is pretty depleted. Morality is non-existent. As the countdown to their extinction begins, humans have pretty shredded every ethical and moral fabric out there; drugs, sex, and violence are the norm. The comic begins with the heartbreaking tragedy of one family. Even as the members are torn apart from one another, Stel remains as the ever hopeful mother. Her hope gives her strength to find her daughters and save humanity. A mysterious signal from a probe fuels that hope that drives her forward.

By Low #9, that hope has apparently been diminished. After a devastating turn of events, the issue focuses on the twin daughters that had been separated: Della and Tajo. The issue opens with a quick glimpse at how they were separated and then jumps right into Della all grown up. That is a huge mysterious time gap so the reader can only assume that whatever happened to Della between a young girl to an adult was unsurprisingly tough and dramatic. She has transitioned from being a spirited, rebellious young girl to a quiet, expressionless soldier.  Her rebellious nature may too ingrained in her.

Della is sent on a mission to quell the hope that has been spreading on paintings and rumors. To prevent the people getting worked up, she is sent to kill or maim and essentially instill fear into the public. After seeing her action moves, I can see why. She is a fearsome person indeed: accurate, agile, and deadly. Not everything goes as plan and a trap is set.

So much has happened in Low since the last time I read it.  After missing the last few issues, I was concerned with losing the thread of the story. Reading the brief and shocking prologue to the story gives me pause to go back. To know that something horrendous happened to Stel might be too traumatic. Reading Low #9 reaffirmed how fascinating Remender stories are and how amazing Tocchini’s are is.In just a few panels,I was transported back into the gloom of the story and to the desperate cling for hope. Low doesn’t contain the same adrenaline fueled mad rush of horror like Black Science. Low is a more calmer story that reaches deep into personal  memories and emotions. Both series will grab you, manipulate your brain, and spew out a changed person. Low #9 is more of a numbing issue that has cleared the path for more story to come.


Low #9 is available at your local comic book retailer.


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