Mistress of Death Review: ‘Haunted Ontario 4’ Offers a Creepy Look at Canada


cover68904-mediumAuthor Terry Boyle is not a stranger to the ghost stories of Canada. His fourth installment of Haunted Ontario books series is now available. This edition focuses on quite a few creepy hotels and hidden treasures up North.  Boyle’s style is not unlike reading a historical ghost story, complete with twists, turns and a bit of speculation to the ghosts that supposedly haunt a location. Who is the woman dressed in white satin at the Joseph Brandt museum, and why is there a ghost of a small child at some locations, though there are no records of a death of a child in the area?

Terry Boyle has obviously visited the various locations in his book, as well as spoken with the folks who work there. In a few instances in the book, Boyle talks about investigating the haunts, but for the most part he sticks to the historical facts and fantastical stories for each location.  Boyle lives in Ontario and has hosted the television show Creepy Canada. He knows what he’s talking about. He also  works as an author, teacher and speaker on the history and folklore of Canada.

Haunted Ontario 4 comes complete with a phone number, address and website for each location, making this a perfect guide for the morbid traveler. If you’re looking for a Haunted B&B for a romantic getaway, Ontario evidently has quite a few. I’ve got to say, this book makes travel plans pretty easy for creepy folks like myself.

Haunted Ontario 4 is available August 18, 2015 from Dundurn Press.


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