The Walk: A Virtual Experience So Real, My Body Froze


man-on-wire-foto-1-hojplosningCan you Walk the Walk?” That is the question that peaked my interest instantly. I am a sucker for a good challenge, so when I was invited to Sony Studios to try A Virtual Experience that is directly tied with the release of their new movie The Walk, I was in. Sony Pictures Entertainment is committed to exploring technologies that enhance the consumer experience.  The Walk is genuine big-screen cinema, a chance for moviegoers to viscerally experience the feeling of reaching the clouds and the “Can You Walk the Walk?” virtual reality (VR) experience is a great tease to that in theater experience. The Walk, directed by Robert Zemeckis, opens in IMAX® Theatres in the U.S. on September 30 and wide release on October 9. While the movie is looking absolutely amazing from the previews I have seen and teasers, nothing can compare to the Virtual Experience they have set up. Even just thinking about it days later, leaves me in a small state of panic.

Can You Walk the Walk puts you right out onto a high-wire walk between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. I arrived with confidence, ready to experience what everyone is raving about when it comes to Virtual Experiences. The equipment is ready to come out next year, but previews and demos have been popping up everywhere. Can You Walk the Walk will begin a global thirteen city tour beginning next month, so don’t miss your chance to check out some amazing new technology and to take the challenge.

“Are you afraid of heights?” I smiled as the question was asked and shook my head. I mean I have flown my whole life, I love roller coasters, and I have done some scary hiking on cliffs. So as I’m saying not at all, I’m thinking besides it’s just a game. I am 27, I have learned by now the difference of reality and make believe.


Even as I got suited up, I thought I had this in the bag. I thought this would be a piece of cake. There I was on top of the world, looking around at the ocean to my left, a few birds flying around, and a very sexy voice speaking in my ear. I could do this all day. But then the tap came. (The tap is to let you know its time to walk forward.)

My feet shuffled to the edge of the beam and all I could see was a rope in front of me and a long, LONG way down. I told myself this is just a game, I was safe and secure on solid ground in the middle of Sony Studios. But my heart pounded against my chest, my fingers trembled, and my feet….they froze. No matter how I tried to take the first step on the rope, it wasn’t happening. My body saw what was ahead of me and was like H TO THE NO! I think even at one point I asked, “If I fall, do I see myself falling to my death?”

Can You Walk the Walk is only a few minutes long, but boy does it stick with you. The sensation you are feeling I just unbelievable and breath taking. I might have not been able to “Walk the Walk” but I would do this over and over again. Check out the video from my experience! I know I couldn’t, but Can You Walk the Walk?


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