Drunk Quest: Booze and Dungeons!


thG1CIQ8LEFun, totally random fact about myself: I don’t drink. Well…….I didn’t drink. Before Drunk Quest came into my life, I hadn’t had a drink since I left the booze fest that is Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. (Every night is a house party!) So five years later, when Drunk Quest fell into my lap I was a little stand offish.31

However, (another fun, random fact) I am beyond competitive. My drive to win will always top everything else in my life.  So with a little push from my friends, who were dying to get their drink on, I buckled and settled in for the ride of my life.

Drunk-Quest-MonstersDrunk Quest, is perfect for people who (like me) are overcome with the need to win. The best way to  explain Drunk Quest is that its Munchkin but instead of using your level to beat the monster, you drink.  A LOT! This isn’t a game if you just want to have a few beers and relax, this is a battle till the end. There were times I couldn’t even lift my beer to drink, because it just was too heavy. (But that didn’t stop me.)

One of the great things about drinking games, is fucking over your friends. We all love to see people make a fool of themselves, like falling into a tub or out of a chair. (Let’s just say we had a crazy fun time with this game.) So each player will have a turn to fight a monster and on that monster is a number of drinks, you must finish to defeat the monster and gather your loot. HOWEVER, before you do that, each player goes around and can play cards to either build the drink count or lower it. There are even cards that you can just throw out for fun to give a few more drinks to people.

512kMHpZpNL._SX450_Besides the monster, each player has treasure cards that can help them out during battles. These Treasure cards can be anything from changing the drink count, adding drinks to random people, stopping actions, and (my favorite) different equipment that gives you a boost. Now we have all had the pleasure of hearing the phrase, “Everything comes with a price.” This game is no exception. If you want to use any of your equipment, there is usually a drink tax that goes along with it. For example I had this nifty ring that would allow me to get more Treasures, but to get the Treasure I had to take 5 drinks each time I wanted to use it.

Now before I continue, 5 drinks= 5 sips and there is about 24 drinks in one can/bottle. Might not sound so scary now, but those drinks add up quickly. In the first round, I was on the floor fisting two bottles for ONE monster. But it all depends on how you wish to play. There are other cards your dealt with in the start that will also come into play, like your class or house. These cards give you options, allowing you to choose your own strategy for the game.

1963ed69405cf29ba1e7a977ba7b82ba_largeI love that this game is open to a wide range of people and the different styles they might take up to play.  When we play Drunk Quest, we have two people who will use every advantage they have to get a head start, while others will play it a little cool and slowly work their way into the game.  No matter, your playing style you will have a blast with Drunk Quest.

This game is perfect for birthdays, especially the big 21, letting loose with good friends, and a must for all College parties. Even if you are like me and not a drinker, you will have fun in this game. You can find DrunkQuest on Amazon for $35.00, as well as the expansion pack DrunkQuest: The 90 Proof Seas for $20.00. Don’t forget to send them your love on their social media and to check out their site.


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