Archie #2: Prepare For Trouble!


Archie2CoverLast we heard of Archie and Betty, they were still on the outs; broken up; done with; kaput! Their friends were all scrambling to put the two back together, but to my dismay, and that of other readers I’m sure, it didn’t happen. Worry not, readers! There is always a part two (and three, and four, etc), and always another piece to the story. As my mother says, if everything is not okay, then it’s not over.

This certainly seems the case with Betty and Archie, as their story continues. The “Lipstick Incident” is forever a mystery it seems, and while Archie and Betty mourn their break up in their own separate ways, people around them are trying to make the world spin on without the dynamic duo of Riverdale. And truthfully, isn’t that what we always do as human beings? Work ourselves and othersĀ out of the rut of a breakup, whether it be a relationship, a friendship, or even a job? Even our favorite fictional teenagers face relatable problems and teach important lessons, and while the stories may seem repetitive and recycled, the new art style and some new bumps in the story line keep it entertaining and realistic (to a point).

On a lighter note, it’s Betty’s birthday! We find out after watching her have a slight emotional flip-out on poor Trevor, her friend Sheila makes an effort to lighten the mood. Again, we are reminded just how tomboyish Betty really is as we watch her struggle with a few key items of apparent femininity. But are you really going to be happy and in the mood to celebrate when you’re missing someone who has been a key piece of your life for so long? Romantically unavailable and emotionally unstable, Betty Cooper struggles to find balance in the chaotic aftermath of the split with Archie.

Meanwhile, Archie tries to find work, and Jughead’s background is revealed. A work site disaster leaves someone in a bind and Archie in a world of trouble. Archie has never had much luck with his jobs, and he’s never had much luck with his car either. But for Archie, there’s always a silver lining in Riverdale. Truthfully, we could all use a little bit of a silver lining, couldn’t we? Join Archie and Betty on their latest ride as it takes another turn on the winding road that is the familiarity of Archie Comics.



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