AZ Game On Expo: An Inaugural Grand Slam!


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Arizona’s first game themed expo. From retro console titles (Atari, NES, N64) to new age systems (xBox One, PS4, Wii) this convention had it all. Vendors were selling video game titles I had only ever seen pictures of (such as Asterix and Berzerk). All in all it was a very successful event. The cosplay competition awarded Best in Show to a rather splendid Zelda cosplayer from the Skyward Sword saga. The Super Mario competitors were fierce and by Sunday there was a clear victor. His trophy? An amazing golden Mario statue. Competitions aside, there were gamers from all genres at this event. At one point, I even witnessed a storm trooper taking on the aliens of Galaga!

What made the first year of Game On Expo so splendid? For starters, when the heat in the cosplay hall jumped to nearly 100 degrees the staff deftly moved the groups and guests into the spare space they had available in their exhibitor hall. This freed up space for wandering and allowed eager convention goers to meet their guest(s) of interest without losing consciousness from heat stroke (Arizona summers are brutal, even when you’re indoors). The staff was also very courteous and helpful; though they were outnumbered (I do believe the organizers underestimated the sheer number of geeks Arizona boasts) they met each and every obstacle with calm determination. I admire that. Additionally, the gaming schedules were incredible and the variety of consoles/arcade titles kept the game room bustling from open to close each day.

Overall this convention gets a very big thumbs up. They braved the Arizona summer to bring geeks from all over the Grand Canyon State a gaming experience like no other. I look forward to what the owner’s of this event have in store for the future. In the interim, let’s enjoy some of the awesome cosplay from AZ Game On Expo 2015…


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