‘The 8th Seal’ to Combine Political Intrigue and Horror


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If politics weren’t scare enough already, IDW’s new title The 8th Seal is here to combine horror and politics. James Tynion IV tells the story of a woman’s visceral nightmares about turning into a monster begin to blend into reality. The complication is that this woman is the First Lady of the United States and all of this is happening during a period of intense political spotlight.

“This story is like the TV show ‘The West Wing,’ with a little of the horror classic ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ and some ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ all rolled in to one. It’s got political intrigue, shadowy figures, and of course a terrifying demon to scare you in all different ways,” said Comic Spectrum.

The 8th Seal was originally released by Mark Waid through the comics website Thrillbent.com. The artwork and covers have been done by the likes of Jeremy Rock, Ming Doyle and Riley Rossmo.

“I’ve been a huge fan of James and Jeremy’s work on The Eighth Seal since I first saw it, and it makes me very happy to see this series come to IDW,” said series editor, Michael Benedetto. “The atmosphere here is horror at its finest, and I’m sure many will agree after picking up the first issue. The political and psychological elements are blended perfectly and lead to an ending that does not disappoint!”

The 8th Seal comes to IDW in December.



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