The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience That Scared Me Senseless!


Basement LADark corners, locked doors, and body parts strewn across the floors, bed, and tables. Sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? The Basement is definitely something scary enough to throw anyone with a fear of the dark into a panic…and it certainly did so for me! Your senses are assaulted in this completely immersive and terrifying escape room. The story is that you have been kidnapped and trapped by Edward Tandy, a serial killer with a taste for psychological torture and puzzles! He gives you a chance to escape his grasp, but to do it…you have to solve all of the puzzles, riddles, and problems hidden throughout his basement. If you don’t escape within 45 minutes…you are gassed and killed…and then eaten. Yes. Eaten.

We entered the room with seven other people, all of whom I found polite. We were given the rules, and then ushered into the room. During a fantastic scramble that was the Basement, we all ran about the room like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to find clues and open locks. Time is running out, the clock on the wall is ticking down, adrenaline is running through our veins, and we are frantically searching for a mess of playing cards and other clues. For a few moments, you feel as if you are really in danger. I was frozen for a while here and there, often after lights would go out or when loud, scary noises would erupt from well-placed hidden speakers. I even admitted a few times to Kim, who is practically fearless as we battle the horrors of body parts and clues, that I almost peed myself at least twice.

Although we did not win, and we were made into a hopefully tasty meal for Mr. Edward Tandy, we had a blast trying to escape. The waiver gives hints to what to expect to the careful reader, and so does the preview video. But I believe the biggest challenge in this room is that you have to remind yourself not to overthink things. You have to remember that the clues are meant to be fairly simple, and that the confusion, the fear, and the madness of a large group shoved together in one room like we were are meant to discombobulate your senses and throw your brain for a loop. Remember to pack extra underpants and wear some extra-strength deodorant, because you’ll be sweating bullets of fear in minutes. I excitedly hope for a return, to try out the second chapter of Edward’s house, the Boiler Room, and anxiously await the day when I will no longer be frightened by a dark closet or a lumpy mattress. Thank you again to the wonderful team who greeted us, guided us in, and the cast that helped to keep the experience realistic! We had an awesome time, and I for one was thoroughly terrified for my life.

You can check out The Basement and The Boiler room at, and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Book your reservations today, and make your escape!



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