You, Me, and the Great Red Dragon: Saying Goodbye to Bryan Fuller’s Vision of ‘Hannibal’



If you have not yet watched the soul-destroying final episode of Hannibal, “The Wrath of the Lamb,” now is the time to turn back and go watch. We’ll wait.

I will admit that rather than watch the Hannibal Series Finale at first, I found myself mourning in advance. For 3 seasons, NBC let Bryan Fuller and Martha de Laurentiis get away with murder…literally.  These were, of course, no ordinary murders. These were brightly colored, well planned, beautifully constructed murders and we Fannibals were hooked. I watched the finale in ten minute segments, pausing to make it last just a little bit longer; I was not ready to say goodbye.


I deeply loved Hannibal, yet felt so conflicted for enjoying it.  It is difficult to sit down to dinner with close friends and say something like “this looks so much like this meal Hannibal made out of someone’s lungs.” I have more than once made references to brilliant lines on the show, only to realize that I look like an absolute psycho to my peers that do not watch the TV show. It was also a less than idea show to list on a dating profile, for fear that someone out there might take the show literally and pull a Hannibal and Bedelia, or heaven forbid be as intense as Hannibal and Will.


We weren’t ready to say goodbye, and those are always the most tragic losses. Even as NBC announced the cancellation of the show, we looked for options. Would Netflix, the savior of shows such as Arrested Development, swoop in and save the day? Would Amazon with their online streaming deal with NBC offer a safe harbor? One by one, our options ran out. While Bryan Fuller has offered hope, those of us who have suffered TV losses before know what’s up. Hannibal was one hell of an expensive show to make,and that’s hard to justify when your show is about a murderous Cannibal and the breakup between he and his BFF.

At the ATX Television Festival 2015, Fuller delivered an anecdote about once reshooting an entire seen with Gillian Anderson because he did not like the look of her outfit. His sight design and auditory design were second to none. The soundtrack is so painfully atmospheric that one can’t help but want a glass of red wine when an episode is over. Siouxsie Sioux and Brian Retizell’s “Love Crime” is a haunting ballad that not only helped us end Season 3, but also continued to haunt our minds and hearts for hours after. Let’s be real, it’s on repeat at the moment as I mourn. The line “I will survive” is repeated multiple times. A sign or grasping at straws?

Alas,  for now our beloved Hannibal is no more. Fanboards are already abuzz with questions about Bedelia’s final scene, or what exactly happened to Will and Hannibal on that cliff. We know what we saw, but we also know that at the end of Season 2 not everyone was as dead as they seemed. Bryan Fuller has already started talking about what he would do should the opportunity of Season 4 arise. Let’s just say it wasn’t an accident that we were given hints that Hannibal may still be alive.

Is Fuller open to Season 4? Yes. Is it a possibility? Well, I just hope we Fannibals get to “have an old friend for dinner” one more time. If our last supper is truly “The Wrath of the Lamb,” at least it was satisfying.



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