Disney and Star Wars Star Releasing Toys for the Upcoming Film


Excited for the new Star Wars film? So is Disney. In an attempt to spread the word about their new toy line, Disney has begun a global unboxing campaign for the new Star Wars toy line. Here’s the official word:


The first-ever global live toy unboxing event unveiling highlights from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens product line has officially kicked off in Sydney, Australia. The Bratayleys, a family of digital stars from the Maker Studios network, unboxed Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber from Hasbro as part of the epic global event marking the countdown to ‘Force Friday’ when merchandise from the highly anticipated new movie goes on sale. Fans can tune in to watch the unboxing event, which unfolds over 18 hours, in 15 different cities and 12 countries on the YouTube Star Wars channel. Retailers around the the globe will open their doors at midnight on 9/4 and fans can document their experiences using #ForceFriday.


The schedule of live unboxing events is below:

Australia Sydney Bratayley 07:45 17:45 9/2
Japan Tokyo Einshine 11:00 22:00 9/2
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dante Basco 10:30 22:30 9/2
Korea Seoul Dollastic 12:00 23:00 9/2
France Paris AyPierre 09:00 03:00 9/3
Spain Madrid AlexBy11 11:00 05:00 9/3
Germany Berlin Reyst 12:00 06:00 9/3
England London GamingBeaver 11:30 06:30 9/3
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Malena010102 08:30 07:30 9/3
USA New York EvanTubeHD 08:30 08:30 9/3
Canada Toronto Quill18 09:00 09:00 9/3
USA Chicago HobbyKidsTV 08:30 09:30 9/3
Mexico Mexico City ExpCaseros 09:30 10:30 9/3
USA San Francisco Chris Pirillo 08:00 11:00 9/3

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