Rough: A Love Hate Relationship!


rough_topRough….oh Rough…..what can I possible say about Rough? Rough is a game that will at times leave you sore from laughing so hard or make you want to pull out your hair. Rough is not a game for people who are extremely competitive, because you never know what your going to get with the game.

However, Rough is a great PARTY GAME! I would say the more people you have playing Rough, the better it will be. For my game night, we only had a small group and so it was a little tough to get into it at times. I wish I could come up with a clever way to express exactly what Rough is, but nothing comes to mind except that Rough is…..well…. it’s rough.

Rough is a card game composed of 151 cards and is published by Monkey Finger Games. Each card has random challenges and questions to ask the people playing. But no matter what the challenge or question is, you can bet someone will be leaving the game that round. For example a few of the cards we came across was the person who weighed the most lost and was out of the game. People who held a certain card were automatically out, for just having the card. Then there were the challenges of pushups, emptying pockets, and my favorite saying “Roger” or “Over” after everything you say. If you didn’t say one of the words, you failed and that was Game Over for you.

81R-8GTnBbL._SL1500_As you imagine the game can move fairly quickly as people fall out of the game right and left. While it can be frustrating to get out of a game so fast, this system is also what makes Rough so much fun.  It creates this determination to not get out the first round and brings you back to play game after game. By the third time, I really started to enjoy the game and saw why this is a must for dinner parties, BBQ bashes, family get togethers, and just random game nights with good friends.

You can find Rough on Amazon for $21.99.


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