Choose One: It’s Funnnn (Sort of)


choose_oneIt is no secret that I LOVE Looney Labs. I mean my all time favorite game spot is held by their game Loonacy. However, their game Choose One did not set my heart on fire in the way Fluxx and Loonacy has in the past. In fact, Choose One, left me frustrated.

It’s nothing bad against Choose One, the style of game is not my cup of tea. Choose One is a card game, where you want to be playing with a close group of friends. Knowing the people you are playing against will be a huge advantage. Basically each person takes turns, playing a card that has two options. This leaves the rest of the players to figure out what answer they think the head player will choose.

For example I had a card that said Flowers or Chocolate, my friends choose flowers because my nickname. However, my response was chocolate because I have a demanding sweet tooth that sometimes dictates my life. As you play the game you earn points for certain things like no one getting it right, only one person getting it right, or more then one player getting it right.

The group I played with seemed to enjoy it and even a few said they would love to have a copy. (This is why I surround myself with different types of game players.) While, Choose One wasn’t for me, because I am a huge strategy person, this game is great for family nights. I could totally see myself bringing this out for our usual holiday family gatherings. Choose One is available for $30.00 on Looney Labs site. Don’t take my word for it, give this game a chance and who knows, it might become your favorite game!


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