‘Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe’ Goes From Internet to Screen


Grave robbing is a the bane of the archaeological world. When civilians delve into the tombs and crypts of the ancient dead seeking treasure, they take away from the science of excavating history. Nevertheless, it has been the subject of many a fictional adventure, fraught with sorcery and curses. Zhang Muye, the writer of Ghost Blows Out the Light, says that his title comes from the practice of grave robbers lighting a candle in the southeast corner of the tomb they have entered. If the light extinguishes by itself, it means that a ghost had blown it out and is displeased. The robbers must leave everything as it was. Candle in the Tomb has become wildly popular has been adapted into a fantasy film directed by Lu Chuan, called Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.

It is 1979, and archaeologists have already uncovered dragon bones, excavated a palace, and have exhumed mummies. Amidst the snow covered Kunlun mountains, a young soldier and his companions discover strange fossils and and unleash creatures beyond their imagination. It will be released in China on October 1st.

Director: Lu Chuan

Stars: Mark Chao, Yao Chen, Rhydian Vaughan, Li Chen, Tiffany Tang, Guangjie Li, and Daniel Feng.


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