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Love independent video games? Austin’s Fantastic Fest doesn’t just cover amazing genre films, it also is offering a wealth of free gameplay with the Fantastic Arcade. September 28-October 1st, in conjunction with The Alamo Drafthouse’s Fantastic Fest, Fantastic Arcade will offer a showcase for the best in independent games:

Here are some of the options:

Her Story (Sam Barlow)
Her Story is a fresh take on the police procedural from Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. This critically-acclaimed full-motion-video game is like an interactive true crime documentary, letting you go hands-on with a police database full of live action video footage.
Super Hypercube (Kokoromi)
Get a sneak peak at one of the first titles for Sony Playstation’s Project Morpheus VR headset. In this first-person puzzler from Kokoromi, fly through endless waves of abstract geometry in the warm analog glow of virtual neon, and rotate a cluster of cubes to narrowly fit through an endless stream of form-fitting walls.  Surrounded by glowing light and gorgeous color, your awareness focuses on the cluster slowly growing before you, and the ever-changing passages that lie ahead.
Anamorphine (Artifact 5)
Explore the past as you resolve the present in Anamorphine, a surreal adventure of rendered emotions. Journey into the mind of the main character, a young man in post-traumatic denial.  Using first-person exploration with minimalistic gameplay, Anamorphine conveys the narrative through environmental storytelling as you delve into physical and mental turmoil.
Flywrench (Messhof)
Flywrench is a game about piloting an abstract morphing bird-spaceship through a complex web of colored lines. Each maneuver that Flywrench performs, such as flapping like a bird, or tumbling like a baton, changes its color. Match the ship’s color with a shape’s to pass through it, hit an obstacle as the wrong color and fail. The pace is unrelenting and in a blink the challenge resets without penalty.
Lumino City (State of Play)
Lumino City is a BAFTA winning puzzle adventure game, and the sequel to Lume. Three years in the making, it’s handmade entirely out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors. Discover gardens in the sky, towers marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. To create the environment, a ten foot high model city was built by hand and by laser cutter, with each motor and light wired up individually, bringing the scenes to luminous life.
PLUG & PLAY (Etter Studio)
PLUG & PLAY is an award winning Short Film and Game for your digital device. Explore the feelings of anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction: love. PLUG & PLAY is a surreal play with plugs.
Sky Rogue (Fractal Phase)
A simple, accessible-yet-difficult, fwooshy, “feel good” arcade flight simulator. Blow things up over land, sea, and air, on an infinite number of procedurally-generated islands. Choose one of a diverse set of aeros and kit it out with a dizzying array of weaponry. Go toe-to-toe with enemy aces or assault giant flying aircraft carriers and battleships, but watch out for volleys of missiles; when you die, you’re dead.
Circa Infinity (Kenny Sun)
Circa Infinity is a mind-bending platformer that blends twitch gameplay with puzzle elements. Navigate through 50 hypnotizing levels set in a visually-striking hellscape as you strive to reach the depths of this spectral maze.
Super Russian Roulette (Andrew Reitano)
Pull up a chair and rustle up some virtual nihilism, pardner. Super Russian Roulette pits you and up to two friends or strangers against a trash-talking cowboy, impatient to get on with the ultimate game of chance. There’s a light bullet in the Zapper’s chamber: is your name on it? Super Russian Roulette is a new title running from a homebrew cartridge in an actual vintage Nintendo Entertainment System… with a cowboy hat on it.
Hylics (Mason Lindroth)
Hylics, the most ambitious project yet by Mason Lindroth, takes traditional RPG conventions and squishes, flattens, rolls and coils them like so much dough through the pixel-dithered vision of its creator. Randomly generated textual elements round out this surreal playscape, leaving something that will continue to entertain and mystify long after you finish interacting with it.
Backer Reward (Breakfast Games)
As a Kickstarter Backer for an unfinished videogame, the destiny of the the game, and of the developers, lies in your hands. Backer Reward won “Best Overall Game” in the 2015 Global Game Jam.
Höme Improvisåtion (The Stork Burnt Down)
Höme Improvisåtion is a game about building crazy modular furniture. It is playable solo or with up to 5 friends working together. You can try to build the furniture correctly, or you can make new and terrifying furniture creations. The choice is yours
Lovely Weather We’re Having (Julian Glander)
A video game about weird, cool, beautiful things that sometimes happen in the outdoor world.
Murder (Exotworking)
Try to become king and stay in the throne to secure a lasting reign in this nasty stab-a-roo. A game about trust, mistrust and embracing danger with open arms in order to acquire true bliss.
Psychic Cat (George Royer)
In the wake of a failed Psychic Voyage, an intrepid feline traverses a blasted psychosphere.
Vignettes (Pol Clarissou, Armel Gibson)
A toyish surprise-o-rama by Pol Clarissou and Armel Gibson. A contemplative game, without text nor characters, where an object shapeshifts as the player spins it around, revealing the underlying story.
Fulcrum (Ben Swinden, Richard Flanagan)
Lost on a snowy mountaintop, amidst rad ruins of an ancient alien civilization. Your path is clear. Do tricks, get orbs, be cool.
East Van Ep (ceMelusine)
East Van EP is a collection of short games by Glitchhiker creator ceMelusine. The first two games in the collection (presented at this year’s fest) are titled ORACLE, and Summon The Apgrod. Find out who or what an Apgrod is, serve drinks, shoot things, complete a procedural summoning ritual, witness prophecies and more.
Chasm (Discord Games)
Chasm is a procedurally-generated Platform Adventure, taking equal inspiration from hack ‘n slash dungeon crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers, it will immerse you in a procedurally-generated fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies, and abundant secrets.
Block’Hood (Jose Sanchez, Gentaro Makinoda)
Envision your neighborhood, seek abundance, & avoid decay- by building beautiful modular arcologies that reach towards the sky.
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