Mistress of Death Review: Nick Redfern Goes on a ‘Chupacabra Road Trip’


cover65466-mediumNick Redfern is a Paranormal Researcher known for his work on the SyFy Channel and his trademark punk rock black jeans. In his new book, Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast, Redfern recounts his travels to Puerto Rico, Texas and Mexico to try and find the goat-sucker itself. While Nick Redfern interviews many locals who have sighted the creature, he spends the majority of the book exploring the possibilities of what the Chupacabra might be and where it may have come from.

Nick Redfern is deliciously sarcastic with his descriptions. Some moments of dialogue in the book are laugh out loud funny, including one passage regarding the “photographic evidence” of a monkey head passed off as a Chupacabra and held up in a photo like a trophy. Redfern remarks “welcome to Texas, y’all.”

Redfern does not offer an answer either way to the existence of the Chupacabra, but does point out that in an investigation he will follow all areas of an investigation, no matter how silly they seem. This has lead to Redfern going to small town airports to check for “secret labs,”  much to the laughs of the locals.

Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast is entertaining, while still maintaining a sense of wonder for what just might be hiding in the desert.


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