Power Cubed #1


24358Power Cubed #1 has to be one of the most comic booky things I’ve read in a while. And I love it! Kenny has just turned 18 years old. His mom is dead, and he has trouble connecting with his inventor-dad. Add to that the fact that he has no idea what he wants to do with his life, and it might seem like he’s got a full plate of problems on his hands. But when his dad gives him a small cube that can literally rearrange matter into any form, Kenny soon finds himself the target of a crazy Nazi scientist and his dimwitted henchmen.

This is a wonderfully light-hearted comic that’s perfect for anyone who loves the kind of craziness that can only be found in comics. Wanna see a toaster get turned into a car? This is your comic. Like brains in jars and alien technology? Again, read this book.

But this is a book with heart, too. There’s a good scene where Kenny and his dad have an awkward conversation as they try to put aside the problems they’ve had since Kenny’s mom died. I’ve seen so many media try to do the whole “main character has problems with a parent” thing, and writers far too often fall back on everybody yelling at each other, which does nothing to engender any sort of sympathy for the characters. This was a nice departure from all that. In only two page, the comic made me want to see these two work things out, so good job there.

One thing that didn’t work for me were some of the attempts at humor, especially in regard to Nazi scientist Dr. Cruel and his henchmen. It was all pretty standard stuff (like a henchman complaining that he hasn’t been paid) that fell a little flat. That said, it was hardly a deal-breaker, as the vast majority of the comic was the kind of nutty fun that I enjoy. I look forward to seeing where this story leads.

Power Cubed #1 is now available from Dark Horse.


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