‘Dance Camp’ Coming from Awesomeness Films and YouTube


Dance CampAwesomeness Films and YouTube, having recently formed a partnership, have begun production on their first feature-length film. Dance Camp is a feel-good film about finding yourself through dance and friendship. It begins when When Hunter (Naji Jeter) gets tired of his home responsibilities and his mother packs him off to dance camp. Although at first unwilling, he finds himself challenged by rivals and gathers a team to face them. He also falls in love.

The film, which is directed by Bert & Bertie and produced by Jon M. Chu (Jem and the Holograms, Now You See Me 2) and Hieu Ho, stars Meg D’Angelis, Jake Paul, and Nadji Jeter. It also features Josh Leyva, Jordyn Jones, Jacob Wysoki, Niki Demartino and Gabi Demartino. Fatima Robinson (The Voice, Dreamgirls, Save the last Dance) will handle choreography.

Dance Camp Synopsis:

When Hunter (Jeter) gets busted throwing a party instead of tending to his responsibilities, his mother decides that he needs discipline and sends him off to a dance camp filled with eclectic misfits. Hunter initially refuses to take the camp seriously. However, when his temper is ignited by a rival dance group’s leader Lance (Paul); Hunter sets out with his group of misfits to take them down. Along the way he learns some lessons, makes some friends and finds love with Cheyenne (D’Angelis).


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