‘Arrow’ Season Four and ‘Flash’ Season Two Promise a Bigger Universe


Arrow in new suitArrow and Flash have been adding more and more superheroes and villains to the DC television universe as they have grown. With the addition of Legends of Tomorrow they’re adding even more characters to the mix, and it’s great! see how many new folks you can count in these two trailers. The two shows seem to be managing to continue the odd balance of being in the same universe while having different tones–though apparently Arrow will be getting a bit lighter this next season. It has a ways to go before “light” will ever describe it.

By the way, it looks like I wronged Oliver when I commented on the sizzler reel. He does seem to be learning a big about team work. I wonder if it will stick this season? Felicity, of course, remains forever awesome. Flash Season Two begins October 6 and Arrow Season Four begins October 7. Enjoy the trailers!


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