Flip City: Fun Family Game


69maxresdefaultFlip City is an interesting game where you can play by yourself or up to four players. It might be a little confusing at first to get started, it took us three people and a video to finally help us understand exactly what we were supposed to be doing. However, once you get started it is fun. Flip City is one of the newest games to come out of TMG (Tasty Minstrel Games) and consists of 86 cards that allows you to build your own deck. The kicker is that during this game, you are not building your deck like most games where you are choosing which cards to play. Oh no my friend. This is where luck comes in and in my case where gambling habits will be your demise.

pic2571575You see in Flip City, while you get to choose what cards to buy with money earned on your round, you shuffle your deck without looking and just pull from the top. This is great if you have some how found a way to get rid of most of your Residential Cards (when on top deck, automatically have to be played), because you have a pic2607769_mdbetter chance of not busting. Busting in the game is where you draw three unhappy faces, leading you to discard the cards you played and not rack up any points. Think of it as going over 21. If you do not bust, then you can stop at anytime you want, count your points and use the points either through flipping a card over or buying a new card. While your playing cards from the deck is purely luck, strategy comes in towards the end of your term when you are deciding how to use your points. having played a few times, (solo and group) there are different ways you can go about winning the game.

While Flip City was fun with a group of three people, I found that I really enjoyed the solo aspect a lot more. With a group, it felt as if it just dragged on and after awhile the game can become slightly repetitive and lose its appeal. In my opinion I would keep this game more in the Family Game area or a fun game to pack when you are traveling. Playing Flip City on the plane to DC really did make the time pass. You can purchase the game on TMG site for 19.95 which INCLUDES shipping.



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