“Oh, Hell: Chrysalides” Volume 1 Class is in Session, Hellmates!


OhHellCoverLet’s get a show of hands, eh? How many of us were threatened with being sent to boarding school for misbehaving? I know I was. Well, I usually was threatened with military school. Either way, schooling far from home is a scary concept. It’s not all like Harry Potter, or Cadet Kelly. Being away from home is hard, but for Zoel and her fellow delinquents in it simply becomes a battle of wits, determination, and defiance, to find out who the best (well, worst) one is. And that’s precisely what happens in Oh Hell: Chrysalides, when Zoel (pronounced “zoo-el”) pushes her parents beyond the point of return, and she is taken away to boarding school. But she isn’t going to just any boarding school…she’s going to HELL!

Of course, as in any school-like situation, there are cliques, friends, and enemies. No high-school story would be complete without the resident Regina George. Alesse is the embodiment of all that we think of when you playback Mean Girls in your head. She is beautiful, and she knows it, and she sexually alluring too. She uses her body to get her way with sugary words that are so sweet they sicken those listening, and she is always seen scheming. Of course, Zoel finds herself among a friend or two. “Zipper,” a troubled young man in her…erm…dorm room…has quite the soft spot for her, and she for him. As romance blooms in the air, we see the inner workings of this hellish high school. A demon, presiding over the teens as a principal would, teaches them a few skills they will need to complete their first assignment. Buy someone’s soul.

Zoel isn’t evil, just a little off track, and she really has no desire to take anyone’s soul. But if she doesn’t, there are severe consequences. What will she do? What will Zipper do? Will his darkened background cause him more difficulty? Will Zoel overcome her new mortal enemy, Alesse? This was only volume 1 in an ongoing webcomic, and it’s so good I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Nail-biting, heart-wrenching, demonic, evil adventures await for you to simply turn the page. Sell your soul to the brilliant G. Wassil, and take a trip down to Hell for the semester. Until volume 2…class is dismissed.


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