Hipster Animals: A Field Guide


cover65090-mediumIf you happily describe yourself as a Hipster, you’re most likely going to want to walk away from Hipster Animals: A Field Guide. However, if you find the whole thing hilarious, sit tight because you’re in for a treat. Dyna Moe’s book, Hipster Animals highlights the individuals of the Hipster Culture and assigns them a particular animal. Don’t think you’re safe; there’s a Hipster Animal for everyone.

Each individual is colorful, tongue in cheek an accompanied with a brief description of possible habitats and dangers. These are funny to the point of snorting in public and quickly having to explain that you aren’t crazy to the older couple sitting next to you on the plane. The additional sections, such as one on Festivals and their complete lack of a point, were also hilarious. Per Dyna Moe, evidently towns with a “Keep Weird” mentality have to have at least one festival a year to keep their street cred.

Hipster Animals: A Field Guide is one of those books that one really has to flip through to understand. I recommend doing that immediately.


Hipster Animals: A Field Guide is available from Ten Speed Press September 22. Look for it on Amazon; on Powell’s



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