Mistress of Death Review: ‘Tortured Life’ Proves Seeing How Others Die Just Plain Sucks


cover69454-mediumIf you could see how people would die, how would you respond? In the new comic, Tortured Life, we see the ruinous nature of this ability. Richard was doing pretty fantastic. He had a girlfriend, a job and a life that was quaint and uncomplicated. That was before he started to see how people were going to die. After an incident with a run over cat, Richard discovers that he is seeing people as they appear dead and not how they appear alive. Soon he is single and afraid to leave his apartment. When he gives up and decides to kill himself, he is visited by the ghost of a woman named Alice. Alice begs him to check on her father. Richard soon learns that a dangerous and bloody foe. Death itself, is after him and will not stop until he has gotten rid of Richard and the order that created him.

Whoa, I needed a drink after this comic. The writing is incredible, but once the story gets going it becomes difficult to put the graphic novel down. Tortured Life features an interpretation of Death that will likely haunt my dreams for years to come. He is tall, wears a long dark coat and is a vaguely humanoid form made of bloody bones. Talk about creepy, even for me. Richard’s life is more complicated than expected, and leads to of all things a cloning experiment. I was not prepared for how intricate the back story to Richard’s ability would go.

Tortured Life is an interesting read, and a morbid one.

Tortured Life comes to comic book stores September 22, 2015. If you don’t want to go to the local comic shop, get it on Amazon or on Powell’s


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