Feeding the Flying Fanellis is A Lively Circus of Poetry


Feeding the Flying Fanellis CoverFeeding the Flying Fanellis is a light-hearted group of poems about feeding a circus troupe. The circus chef lists each member of the troupe’s particular preferences and the steps he takes to see that they are well-fed and ready to perform.

Kate Hosford’s poems are lively and inventive, detailing the idiosyncrasies of a circus troupe. The strongman just wants food from home; the juggler cannot resist juggling his food and is growing thinner and thinner, leading the chef to conclude “I think I’ll feed him something square.” Meanwhile, Miss Miranda May, the fire-eater, insists on hot sauce so fiery no one else can stand it. And then there is Hugo, who joined the circus as a human cannonball but is finding he has other ambitions. Sometimes the rhythm is slightly forced, but by and large, the poems trip along lightly and are fun for reading to or with a child—or for a child to read for him or herself.

Cosei Kawa’s bright illustrations create another aspect of enjoyment, with his cheerful, rotund chef and colorful circus characters. The figures are kept simple in construction, emphasizing the performers role: The strongman is almost square, with enormous arms. Miss Miranda May, the fire-eater, has flowing red hair. Martin Mcariggle is mostly stilts. Backgrounds and surroundings again highlight the characters’ chief qualities as the cook sees them. The tightrope walker is seen from above, with everything below her increasingly small.

Kawa and Hosfard have created a book that will introduce children to the joys of poetry while immersing them in the tale of daily life at the circus..

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Feeding the Flying Fanellis And Other Poems from a Circus Chef by Kate Hosford (Author), Cosei Kawa (Illustrator) comes out Date Oct 1, 2015 from Lerner Publishing. Look for it on Amazon; on Powell’s and Barnes & Noble



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