Sony Announces Final Installment of Resident Evil Franchise

Final Chapter image obtained from

Final Chapter image obtained from

Fans of Resident Evil adaptations rejoice! Sony has announced that they will begin Production on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in the coming months. Director and Screen writer Paul W.S. Anderson explained that he will shoot the motion picture on scene in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. This suggests that filming will take place in a very populated, very developed area which makes sense as the premise of this final installment revolves around returning to ground zero: Raccoon City. Why would Alice, a woman who knows all too well the manipulative nature of Umbrella, return to the city that was blasted off the face of the earth? Fans can only assume there is something more sinister at work in the bowels of Racoon City – the source of the T Virus and all the devastation it caused.

Many questions surround this announcement. With the loss of Alice’s super human powers, how will supporting characters pick up the slack? There were hints in the press release that Wesker betrays Alice: what is the result of his betrayal? Are we going to see more characters from previous Resident Evil films? With the world slowly coming to an end what action could the heroes and heroines possibly take that would turn the tides in their favor?

Assumptions, theories and curiosities aside, Sony did provide a list of Actor’s and Actresses who will reprise and/or debut in this film:

  • Alice: Milla Jovovich
  • Clair Redfield: Ali Larter
  • Dr. Alexander Isaacs: Iain Glen
  • Albert Wesker: Shawn Roberts
  • Abigail: Ruby Rose
  • Doc: Eoin Macken
  • Christian: William Levy
  • Michael: Fraser James
  • Cobalt: Rola

The release date for The Final Chapter is currently schedule for Janaury, 2017. A more definitive release date will come as development advances and Constantin Film solidifies the production cycle. Fangirl Nation will keep you abreast of changes, announcements and much awaited poster art in the months to come. Keep your eyes peeled, your fandom at the ready and prepare to geek out for and undead battle royale!


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