‘Arrow’ Season Three and ‘Flash’ Season One Out Today–Watch a Clip on Costuming from the Blu-Ray!


Flash: The Complete First Season CoverFlash Season One and Arrow Season Three come out for home ownership today. You’ll soon be able to watch all the running, detecting, and firing of arrows that you wish, with the added bonus of a good bit of romance and personal drama.

All that running, jumping, and fighting requires costumes that let the actors and their stunt doubles move. In the clip below, Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) and Stephen Amell (Arrow) describe their costumes as easy to put on and comfortable. Also, in an interesting tidbit, costume designer Maya Mani describes what goes into making them comfortable and mentions that it is useful having the stunt room next door so she can watch the stunt people move and ask them about their costumes. It’s good to hear that at least some costume designers are starting to factor in comfort and ease of movement; there have been far too many tales of heavy, unwieldy costumes that are hard to breathe in and even harder to move in.

This clip and others will be available as part of the “enhanced content” on the Arrow: The Complete Third Season DVD.


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