Gail Simone and J. Calafiore Bring ‘Surviving Megalopolis’ to Comics


Surviving Magalopolis CoverDark Horse just revealed that Gail Simone (she of Red Sonja, Secret Six and other delights) and J. Calafiore (Deadpool, Batgirl). They’ve sent a brief synopsis and a comment by Gail Simone about continuing the story begun in Surviving Megalopolis

When you escape from a city full of superheroes turned evil, what could possibly compel you to go back? This January, the critically acclaimed team behind the original graphic novel phenomenon Leaving Megalopolis returns to the city in ruins with an answer!

Revealed by Comic Book Resources on Monday, Surviving Megalopolis continues the story of the highly successful Kickstarter graphic novel in an all-new six-issue run by acclaimed series creators Gail Simone and J. Calafiore.

“We were really excited about the idea and the world and how everything was coming together and we were working together on this, where really there was no holds barred on the content,” Gail Simone told Comic Book Resources. “It was just really an exciting project to work on. As we built the world out more and more, I think both of us were really hoping that we’d have the opportunity to continue on and tell lots more stories.”
Surviving Megalopolis #1, published by Dark Horse Comics, hits stores in January. Head over to Comic Book Resources for more details, plus a first look at the upcoming series.

Surviving Megalopoliss #1
Gail Simone (W), J. Calafiore (A)
January 2016


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