New Photographer Lammily Adds Diversity


Photographer Lammily Head viewThose wanting more diversity in the Lammily line are getting their wish. The new Photographer Lammily is African American with beautiful black curly hair. She comes in a stylish skirt and high heels and carrying a camera. While the jeans the first Lammilly were nice, it is good to see that the doll is also going to get some more elegant clothes. My memory of years spent playing with dolls is that having beautiful clothes were a big part of the appeal. As with the first Lammily, Photographer Lammily comes in a box with pictures of world travel.

If this is the next model, I hope that includes a few changes to the doll’s structure. I also wonder how brushable that hair is. Will it maintain its lovely tight curl once little girls have styled and restyled it? The first Lammily has good hair texture, but it just hangs down; Photographer Lammily has beautiful curls and those are a part of her appeal.

In any case, it’s good to see that Lammily the company is making good on its promise to make a more diverse set of dolls—and is doing it early on in production. This augers well for a still more diverse future.


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