Enchanted by Alethea Kontis is an Engrossing Fairy Tale Remix with Plenty of Originality


Cover for the Audio of Enchanted by Alethea KontisEnchanted is the first in a The Woodcutter series of books by Alethea Kontis which deals with the strange and magical adventures of the Woodcutter family. It is a lovely mix of fairy tales and rhymes all woven together with a strong plot to make the tales new again.

Sunday is the seventh daughter in the Woodcutter family, in which all the girls are named for the days of the week and whose personalities reflect their names. “Sunday’s child is fair of face,” and she is beautiful and also a little lonely in her busy, large family. She writes in her journal for comfort, but can only write what has happened; speculations about the future tend to come true and not always in a way she would like. One day, she meets an enchanted prince in his frog form. Although her first kiss does not transform him, the two become close friends. It is when the prince gets disenchanted without Sunday’s knowledge that the trouble starts. There are two warring fairy godmothers involved, intrigue in the kingdom, a case of mistaken identity, and several other fairy tale events involved.

Kontis weaves her tales skillfully. The basic pattern is “The Frog Prince,” but there is also “Jack and the Beanstalk,” the mention of an older brother Jack who went off and had grand adventures, a touch of “Cinderella,” and a good many more blended in. At the same time, Enchanted stands firmly on its own as a unique and original story.

All of this makes Enchanted a good book for listening to. It is interesting, lively, and not so dense one has to stop gardening or driving in order to know what is going on. Katherine Kellgren does occasionally use the fast, excited voice for longer than my ears would prefer, but overall it is a good, strong reading that helps bring the book to life.

If one had to pigeonhole the book, it would go in the middle grade to young adult section. However, anyone who loves fairy tales and light romance will likely enjoy Enchanted.

Enchanted is out now in multiple forms. Look for it on on Amazon

Publication Details for the Audio Book
Enchanted Audio
Written by: Alethea Kontis
Narrated by: Katherine Kellgren
Length: 7 hrs and 51 mins
Series: Woodcutter Sisters, Book 1
Publisher: Brilliance Audio


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