Drakenstein Art at Horror Con! Adorable Dolls of Darkness


HorrorConDrakensteinAndrea Von Drakenstein is an artist based out of San Pedro, California, and is popular for her adorably macabre painted dolls. Her first major project was creating the sets and props for San Pedro’s production of “The Wizard of Oz,” but what got her noticed were her dolls! Inspired by a Tim Burton art exhibit in 2010, and her other favorite artists, The Pizz, Robert Williams, Dienzo, and Gris Grimly, she made her first painted characters from baby dolls in 2012. After she posted them online, they became popular and she bagan making more and selling them. Now, almost four years later, she has dcreted a fun line of cute and spooky dolls that are available on her Etsy page…and will be available this weekend at Horror Con!

When Andrea creates these beautiful dolls, she spends between 5-8 hours on each one on her weekends. She makes their clothing and hand Beetlejuicepaints each face. Self-taught, these dolls are real works of art and a love for her craft. She takes popular horror and Halloweeny characters and turns them into mild-mannered but fierce babies. Although she sometimes finds it difficult to come up with new designs and continue the creative flow, she has not given up to artist’s block, and has produced a wide array of pieces to expand her collection. Among her many dolls, my personal favorites are Beetlejuice and Jack Skellington (and Zero!). She also has wonderful renditions of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Magenta, Freddy Krueger (RIP Wes Craven), werewolves, little devils, and more!

When I asked about her first pieces and the many sugar skull dolls she has on her page, she replied, “I’ve always liked dolls with big eyes, like Diane Keane’s paintings. I started off with Santana, which was my first sugar skull doll, and after creating that one I found the style of dolls I like to make.” She also mentioned that she’d like to make a steampunk themed doll, so for those so inclined to the style, that’s good news for us!

Her style is undeniably unique, and I am personally quite head over heels with the concept. I personally see these dolls as a way to make these wonderful movie characters adults have grown to love from horror movies and other films that would usually bother or scare children as a way to make the characters more child-friendly. It is no secret that there are children in this world DrFrankNFurter and Magentawho are as obsessed with the scary, freaky, and macabre as I am, but this is icing on the proverbial cupcake for horror-loving kids! Andrea holds strong to her personal style, and it’s a true refresher from the monotony of other horror renditions of dolls and toys, like My Little Ponies and Barbies, other favorites among kids of the horror craze, and she stands out clearly.

You can find these dolls at Horror Con this weekend, or you can find them on Etsy if you can’t attend! Her Etsy page is at http://www.etsy.com/shop/DrakenSteinArt and her Facebook is at https://www.facebook.com/DrakensteinArts?pnref=lhc for contact and questions. Check out this amazing small business and her wonderful art! She already has me hooked on as a fan, and I am quite excited to meet this lovely lady at Horror Con.

Are you going?


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