In a Galaxy Close to Home: Star Wars Food For a Day


Campbells Condensed Soup Light SideI thought Star Wars coffee creamer was enough, but grocery shopping today made me realize that I had not even scratched the surface of the food options. I decided to check and see whether it was possible to get through the day on Star Wars food from the grocery store. See what you think:


General Mills has a whole lot of cereal with Star Wars cards and booklets in them, everything from Cheerios to Count Chocula. I’m pretty sure this is cheating, though. I mean, they haven’t really changed the box, they’ve just added a sticker on the side.

Their Darth Vadar and Yoda boxed cereal is more like it; it is even full of marshmallow bits that are shaped a bit like Star Wars items—such as light sabers and R2D2. They are planning on two more boxes in October and another two out in February of 2016, so if you like marshmallow cereal, you’re in luck.

Snack Time

You’re going to have to pace yourself here. There are all kinds of Star Wars snacks out there. Nabisco is selling Honey Maid Graham Crackers in a box with Yoda and Darth Vadar on the cover. Who else is picturing Jedi and Sith calling a time out to eat Graham Crackers dipped in milk? All those lightsaber battles really take it out of a person, and who knows what the calorie cost of using the Force is.

Some of them might have settled down for Cheez-its, but I don’t think so: How can anyone look imposing with yellow crumbs on a black cape? Anyone not wearing a dark cape, though, is fine.

There are even fruit snacks for those who need a quick sugary pick-me-up—before lifting an X-Wing, say, or going for a jog in the swamps.


Star Wars Easy Cook Macaroni and CheeseCarry some easy-to- heat single boxes of macaroni and cheese with you. Force Users can just glare at it hard enough to get it heated, but everyone else will have to use the microwave. It has shaped noodles, too.

Follow it up with (takes a deep breath) Yoplait Star Wars Hyperspace Berry/Imperial Strawberry Banana Low Fat Yogurt and you have a halfway decent meal. It’s even complete with fruit, of a sort.


Take your time and cook the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on the stove. Or, heat some Campbell’s soup. It comes in dark and light side cans and in different flavors, so if you have guests over, you won’t be leaving anyone out.

For desert, try Fla-Vor-Ice Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops.

After Dinner Munchies

There are Star Wars Chex Mix bags out through December, and Star Wars Pop Secret Kettle Corn. Again, both the Dark and the Light Sides are invited to partake.

There doesn’t seem to be any fresh food here, so be sure to fill in any gaps with Star Wars vitamins. We all know that works, right?

Disclaimer: The author has not actually attempted this diet, nor does she recommend doing so. One of the side-effects of being a grown-up geek is starting to evaluate the wisdom of marshmallow cereal for breakfast. As a theoretical exercise, though, it is entertaining, and she will certainly be eating at least a few of these items.

All of this, and I am pretty sure I’ve missed some! Let me know in the comments what you’ve found and how it tasted.


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