Lantern City #5 – Is it Sander Jorve or Sander MacGyver?


LanternCity_005_B_VariantSander Jorve doesn’t feel like a hero. In Issue #5 Sander finds himself with a masked fighter. After saving his life he finds the identity of the man behind it – Killian Grey. Drawing too much attention they find themselves under fire from Brother Pont’s men. After some quick escapes they find themselves temporary shelter. Unfortunately the building is dilapidated and is easier to destroy then search. This is where Sander shines – much like our TV hero MacGyver he finds the exact ingredients to make the equivalent of a Molotov Cocktail. This distraction allows for Sander and Killian to escape. Can Sander trust Killian? Was saving his life – twice – worth the risk?

As always Sander is torn between doing the right thing and what his contemporaries would do in his shoes. Always making the right choice Sander waxes philosophically on the consequences of ending the life of the one he feels is responsible for the torment and degradation of his social status. However Sander has finally begun inserting himself into the story. Through quick actions and quick decisions he makes his way into the front of the story. It’s still easy and convenient for our hero but for once he takes steps to earn it.

The biggest issue that is discussed at this point in the story is trust. Who can you trust? Who has lost? With these sudden changes where can Sander turn to? He has a family who’s being held hostage, a brother-in-law on the wrong side, a niece playing messenger, the wife of the man who’s life he’s stolen and now the know leader of his universe, Killian. Each one is looking for a different piece of the pie and most will do anything to get what they want. Trust will either be the making or undoing of Sander as the series progresses.

Lantern City is available now from Boom! Studios and Archaia. Find it here.


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