Scream Queens: A Terror-rific Comedy


screamqueensBlood, high-pitched screams, and super snappy clique-queens dominate a college campus in this hilarious comedy show. Like a cross between American Horror Story, Mean Girls, and Scream, this powerhouse comedy comes complete with the super-divas, the ridiculous masked villain, and twisted death scenes to boot! You’d never expect the character lineup that was so carefully put together for us, with majorly popular celebrities, including Ariana Grande as Chanel Number 2, Nick Jonas as Boone, Keke Palmer as Zayday, and Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch! And lest we forget, the head bee herself, Emma Roberts plays Chanel.

If you come into the show expecting a serious horror series, you’re in the wrong place. Not that this show doesn’t have its suspenseful moments, but for spine-chilling situations, kindly see your way to the next season of American Horror Story. The series opens on a party in 1995, where we see the death of a Kappa house sorority sister in a way that is strange and all-too familiar to college students. Twenty years later, a serial killer is on the loose, and this masked demon seems to have a taste for killing Kappa girls…in some of the weirdest situations. Whoever knew spray-tanning, mowing the lawn, or using the internet could be so deadly?

Most of the jokes in Scream Queens are generational, and may not be as thoroughly enjoyed by viewers who are not between 16 and 25 years of age, but kudos anyways to the writers for pinpointing exactly on the issues with today’s youth. Including but not limited to the ridiculousness of social media, the rampant exposure of teenagers to alcohol and drugs, and the destruction, alienation, and hazing of young women in society. Thankfully, there is always a defender of the good, and Skylar Samuels does just that. As her character, Grace, fights for the dignity and rights of the girls being manipulated (and let’s not forget, targeted) girls of Kappa house, mysteries unravel and theories form.

I already have a strong theory about who the antagonist is, but I shall not share it in the hopes that the next episode will strengthen it! I’m not spilling any spoilers here, but this series is definitely not one to be overlooked. While it does portray a lot of ridiculous situations and behaviors amongst the ladies of the cast, there are some important points in the storyline, such as the importance of standing up for yourself and others, chasing what you believe in, and never accepting things at face value. I rate this pilot at four and a half stars, deducting half a star only for an overdone joke or two, and my extreme annoyance with the way Chanel Number 3 is ALWAYS wearing earmuffs…until some point towards the end. I eagerly await the next piece in this puzzling, murderous, power-hungry party!


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