The Sirens of Fandoms Episode 1: Running Wild at Long Beach Comic Con


Caitlyn (Fairy Godmother), Cheyenne (Harley Quinn), and Kimmi (Cinderella)

What do you get when you put Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother, and Harley Quinn in a Nissan and send them off Long Beach Comic Con? Only the hottest of messes. We were so excited for the turn out of people who wanted to show off their outfits at our booth a few weekends ago. You all looked amazing. We had so much fun meeting with you all and snapping pictures.

The Sirens of Fandoms are all about bringing you…….well we are not sure exactly what we are bringing but we know its going to be a hoot and a holler. Caitlyn is a musical theatre major with a “proclivity for pyrotechnics”. Sewing from a young age, Caitlyn is loving her dive into cosplay and costume design. With a passion for geeky things, her fandom list grows long but includes Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, LOTR and Harry Potter.

Cheyenne (Or Muffin) on the other hand is fanatic of all things horror and gore; an FX makeup enthusiast and fangirl. She brings the blood to the Sirens’ table and shares her passions with the crowd! Besides the bloody fun she lives for, Cheyenne reviews books, movies, comics, and shines the light on talented artists.

Then there is me. The bubbly blonde who is still extremely new to the geek world. Like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole, the world of fandoms and awesomeness has opened my eyes to a new reality. Although I may be new, I have a deep love for Disney, TV, cosplay, musicals, and of course games. I LOVE TABLE TOP GAMES.

Together the three of us will combine our knowledge and thirst for answers to bring you non-stop entertaining crazy shenanigans. We might rant, we might sing, we might even dance a little diddy if the mood strikes us but no matter what our videos will be filled with laughter and fun.

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The first clip is from our sit down with the one and only Linz Stanley. Not only is she sweeping the Cosplay world with her amazing cosplays, but her makeup skills. But besides her wicked talents at transforming into some of our favorite characters, she’s also really smart. Linz Stanely is a tripple threat, TALENTED, SMART, and UBBER SWEET! We were so honored to welcome her to our first episode and hope to see her back again! Check out her website here. As well as follow her on FFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Cheyenne has never seen Doctor Who and while Caitlyn and I work on fixing that, we thought we could give her a push in the right direction with our friend 10nant Cosplay. He is making his rounds through conventions and if you get a chance, pop by the Tardis and say hi. HE HAS HIS OWN TARDIS WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED! He is one of the most amazingly nice people I have ever met. He also is a dead on ringer for David Tennant, so in my book he can do no wrong. Follow him on FacebookTumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Sticking with the boys before we moved back to the girls. We got to sit down with an awesome Arrow who just happened to be walking by. It seemed to be a habit, because after he left our table we threw out our net and found Rachel Litfin. Rachel was rocking her inner Ariel with a skirt tail that changed from fin to legs. Her personality won us over and we hope to have her back for a few of our amazing Sirens of Fandom parties. Follow Rachel on Instagram as she leaves us breathless with some of her amazing cosplays and adventures.

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We had a blast getting to meet some amazingly interesting people. While Caitlyn and I got to totally geek out with 10nant, Rachel Litfin, and Linz Stanley, Muffin totally spazzed over our next interview. Across the crowds (like any love story begins) Muffin spotted a girl rocking a cosplay from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Caitlyn and I have never heard of it, but that is why we love being from different fandoms. We totally adored listening to Muffin and her friend give us the run down of everything we possibly needed to know.


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