Mistress of Death Review: ‘Deep Dark Fears’ Illustrates Your Worst Nightmares


Cover for Deep Dark Fears by Fran KrauseFran Krause set out to escape from nightmares by drawing them out. After receiving requests to illustrate the greatest fears of others as well, Deep Dark Fears was born. Now collected in a book by Ten Speed Press, Deep Dark Fears allows readers to see their greatest fears in the guise of simpler drawings.

Deep Dark Fears covers everything from the fear your limbs will be severed if you hang them off the side of the bed, to what would happen if a plastic bag blew in your car window and suffocated you while you’re driving.

While this isn’t a particularly pleasant book, the drawings are worth a cathartic chuckle. This is definitely a book deranged individuals like myself need for our coffee tables.

Deep Dark Fears is available September 29, 2015 from Ten Speed Press. Look for it on Amazon,  on Powell’s, or on Barnes & Noble


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