The Fabulous Costume Contest FOR PETS


Cat dressed up in a pink boaWe are excited to announce our first ever Fabulous Costume Contest FOR PETS. Many of the contributors of FangirlNation have a huge love for adorable pets doing overwhelming cute things. That is why we decided we would host a contest where we can parade awesome pets in amazing costumes. Because come on, who doesn’t love to see little fur balls dressed up.

The contest is simple. Submit photos of your pet dressed up in their Halloween costumes to [email protected] by October 18th. Once the deadline is closed, we will post all the photos on our site and let the viewers vote. Voting is open to anyone, so just share the link with the photos and get your friends/family to vote. The pet with the most votes will be deemed the winner on October 31st.

dog-dressed-vintage-photoThe winner of The Fabulous Costume Contest for Pets will become our first Fangirlnation Mascot. Along with being crowned with the title mascot for a month, our contest winner will be featured on the site and the owner gifted with a custom, FangirlNation style portrait of their pet.

No matter how big, small, furry, scaly, or terrifying (spiders, I hate spiders. But if you can dress up your pet spider, then I say go for it!)  your pet is, we welcome all.

When submitting your photo please email it to [email protected] with the title The Fabulous Costume Contest. Please add the information below in the email. If you want, include a short pet biography to caption your photo.



Best way to reach you:

Pet’s Name:




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