Owl and the City of Angels: Mummies, Dragons, Thieves and Traps


Cover for Owl and the City of AngelsOwl and the City of Angels finds Owl still employed by the ancient dragon, Mr. Korosawa and busy collecting supernatural antiquities for him. Though taking things from archaeological sites is not at all legal, she does not expect to find the IAA sending out a massive manhunt after her—nor does she expect Mr. Kurosawa of accusing her of stealing any number of items she has never been near. There is someone out there pretending to be Owl, and her only chance of staying alive and not having a very angry red dragon after her, is to prove this by capturing the impostor. This turns out to also involve a hazardous trip through the desert, a curse, and the need to stop someone raising all the dead in L.A. It is a lot for even Owl and her friends to manage.

Kristi Charish writes a tight, tense adventure of a book. She revels in the supernaturals she creates and, even better, she takes the time to give them all different cultures and points of view while also making it clear that they are individuals. All of this on top of trapped tombs, cursed objects, surreal parties, and a lot of running. Even better, Owl’s primary enemy turns out to be very clever with truly well-made plans. This is no straw villain to be easily toppled.

Charish evidently enjoys her world creation as well. The hazards here include real-world politics and problems. They also include every problem ever found in a gamer’s dungeon crawl. There are spiked traps, trapdoors, mummies, and, oh yes, puzzle tiles. This book is fun to read.

Owl and the City of Angels can be read as a standalone, and it wraps its primary plot up nicely, but it also leaves two very impressive cliffhangers at the end, just to leave everyone waiting on tenterhooks for the next book.

Owl and the City of Angels is now out. Look for it on Amazon

Owl and the City of Angels is the second book in the series; the first book, Owl and the Japanese Circus (The Owl Series), is also available.


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